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What I Offer

I will perform regular medical evaluations in the comfort of your residence or, in rare cases, my private home-office.  There is no waiting room and you will not be subject to exposure from other patients.  There will never be more than one patient in my office at a time.

I will provide patients and their families ways to contact me easily and rapidly.

I commit to responding in a timely fashion to any questions or needs.

I provide urgent appointments, no longer than 72 hours and often much faster.

I can perform minor procedures and help coordinate further testing if needed.

I know most local hospital-based physicians and specialists personally and will communicate with them closely if my patient needs referral or hospitalization.

I will always advocate strongly for my patients interest and in adherence with their wishes.

I have an exceptionally talented nurse-assistant who helps manage my office.  

What's Not Included

I, like the majority of primary care physicians, do not admit patients to the hospital, nor will I be their doctor if they are admitted to a Skilled Nursing or Acute Rehab facility.  I do communicate closely with the physicians who care for my patients during those times as well as with discharge planning staff.  I will follow closely and resume care upon discharge.


I am not a substitue for an Emergency Room, nor do I commit to being available after hours.  True emergencies should be addressed in the ER immediately.  Non- emergent issues that can wait until business hours will be addressed as soon as I am able, always within 24 hours.  My goal is to prevent unnecessary ER visits as much as possible.

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