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My Patients

My patients, generally speaking, are elderly people for whom it makes sense to have a doctor closely involved in their care.  Most have many medical issues, cognitive decline or impairment.  They benefit from a close partnership with their physician.  I commit to being their health care partner, their personal advocate and to being available for them and their families as they navigate through this stage of life.


My goal is to help my patients and their families interface with our health care system in a way that makes sense for them and their individual goals.  I place a high value on each patient getting to make his or her own decisions about how much or how little “health care” they want, with a maximum effort placed on helping them maintain their quality of life.


By seeing my patients frequently, I strive to avoid surprises, hospitalizations and preventable illnesses.  I work to make any testing we agree to as painless and easy as possible.  I only pursue testing if the answer will affect what we choose to do.

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