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"We became Dr. Griffith’s patients in July 2020 during a critical time in Suze’s chemotherapy. Dave acted as a fabulous general practitioner coming to our home on short notice to check on vitals and prescribe various medications to help Suze effectively deal with the stresses of her chemo. When on two occasions he diagnosed her condition as needing hospital care, he coordinated admission with both her oncologist and the emergency room physicians at Twin Cities and Sierra Vista Medical Centers, Suze’s medical issues were dealt with swiftly and she was able to return home after a short time. It was due to Dave’s close relationship with the ER head physician at Sierra Vista that they performed three major stroke tests — EKG, CAT Scan and MRI — in a span of just four hours enabling Suze to return home without an overnight hospital stay. He has also followed my health

issues closely and advised therapies and prescribed medications in a prudent manner.


Being able to get many of our medical needs addressed without traveling to a doctor’s office in Paso Robles, Templeton or San Luis Obispo and waiting among other patients is a feature of Dr. Griffith’s practice which is particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic and a luxury we are happy to pay for. He is so kind, so responsive and so caring. He is an outstanding GP who visits our home when we need him and schedules wellness checks even when we don’t ask.


We highly recommend Dr. Richard David Griffith of Cambria to be your next GP."

~ Iggy Fedoroff, patient ~

"We found Dr. Griffith through a referral for which I am ever so grateful. He has a wonderful bedside manner and always takes the time to explain and make sure you feel comfortable with the decisions that you make together.   Dr. Griffiths office assistants are so good about getting you the answers you need to your questions and contacting you back no matter what time of the day or night.

Dr.Griffith makes home visits and in this day and age that is rare to find.  He is just what we needed and hoped for in a Dr.. If you get to be one of Dr. Griffith's patients you can count yourself a very lucky person."

~ Cecilia Harmon, caregiver ~

"Discovering Dr. Griffith was a godsend for my family. My mother had recently been discharged from the hospital and we were all concerned about the poor follow-up care she was receiving. Based on the recommendation of a local nurse we agreed that we would give Dr. Griffith a call, and as soon as Mom met him we knew that we had made the right decision. Dr. Griffith has a wonderful rapport with the elderly. He is down to earth, thorough, sincere and amazingly responsive to his patients. (The day after my mother’s initial assessment she had a new health emergency. Dr. Griffith came to her home immediately and performed a procedure that kept her from having to go to the ER.) He is an absolute gift to homebound seniors in this community. And the monthly fee? We have never had a bill we were happier to pay!"  

~ Janet F, daughter of patient ~

"Dr. Griffith has been my parents physician for over four years.  In those four years he has shown up continuously as the most competent, professional and compassionate physician we could have asked for. He has journeyed though the lives of my two 90 plus year old parent's as a dependable and supportive friend. He has shown a great deal of wisdom in difficult situations and decisions that needed to made along the way. During my fathers passing, he not only helped my father but supported my mother in all her needs during and after both physically and emotionally.

He is still her doctor and keeps her healthy, alert and happy with regular checkups. Attends to her health by quickly responding if labs or medications are needed for any problems, all the while treating her as a friend. She loves him like a son and respects him as a doctor.

My mother and I both highly recommend Dr. Griffith as a competent, professional, thorough and compassionate physician.Finding a traveling physician who is professional and competent has made our lives so much easier."

~ Julie Fritsch, daughter of patients ~

"As you family member health starts to decline, you need a support team to lighten that load. Dr. Richard Griffith has proven to me that having a concierge doctor who specialize in the care of the elderly was the most compassionate choice we made.


Dr. Griffith, is a kind and caring provider. He is always informative and encouraging. You or your family member will enjoy your visit with him as he takes time to listen to your issues and come up with a solution that works for you.

He is honest and straightforward with my Aunt and family member each and every time. He takes the time to explain something when she does not understand and for that we are very grateful. She trusts his care and that makes this path as she declines a little easier.

Dr. Griffith’s gentle nature combined with his medical knowledge make him an excellent choice for Concierge physician for clients in an Assisted Living Community."

~ Ellen Bernauer, niece of patient ~

"We have subscribed to Dr. Griffith's medical service for my elderly father for over a year now. His service has been very important for responsive and thoughtful care of my father's medical needs. We have been very pleased with Dr. Giiffith's communication with us as he examined my father and as a result were able to make informed decisions about his care. We are grateful this service is offered and feel it's worth the investment."

~ Melanie Potter, daughter of patient ~

"Dr. Griffith has been caring for our 93 year old father for the past several months.  He has taken the time to get to know Dad and what really matters to him.  He understands Dad’s health care needs and supports his end of life wishes.  Dad has very limited mobility and endurance.  It is impossible to overstate what a difference it makes to have Dr. Griffith care for Dad at home rather than putting Dad through the exhausting process of going to a medical facility; especially during the pandemic.


Dr. Griffith consults/collaborates with other members of Dad’s health team to ensure a unified approach to his care.  He carefully informs Dad of his treatment options and probable outcomes to those treatments when new medical issues arise.  He always responds quickly and thoughtfully when we reach out with questions or concerns between visits.  He is generous with his time and never makes us feel like our questions/concerns are frivolous.  


The ability to have Dad receive most of his medical care at home has been life changing.  Dr. Griffith is calm, caring, and competent. We trust him completely and are so grateful for his expertise in caring for older adults.  Having him guiding/coordinating Dad’s medical care has given us peace of mind that we did not know was possible.  He is a vital partner in our journey as caregivers for our Dad.  We cannot thank him enough for all he has done for us."  


~ Sue Lennan, daughter of patient~

"My ninety-one-year old mother with dementia has been under the care of Dr. Griffith for approximately one year. Within that time, she has had two hospitalizations, several illnesses and experienced cognitive decline. Dr. Griffith has been nothing but a comfort and support during this difficult time. He genuinely cares for Mom and makes himself available whenever I need to talk. He promptly responds to email, text or calls. He listens carefully and patiently addresses my concern with compassion for Mom.

The fact that he visits her in her care facility on a regular basis makes a world of difference. He sees her enough to really know who she is and if something has changed. When I take her to the office to see her physician there is not the same connection that she has with Dr. Griffith, and therefore the visit is less valuable.

I highly recommend Dr. Griffith. He is a talented physician, but more importantly a kind and compassionate person with a passion for the elderly. The comfort he has provided about Mom’s care is invaluable."

~ Grace Goschke, daughter of patient~

"Dr. Griffith was manna from heaven.  I found Dr. Dave quite by accident when my mother became ill during Covid and I could get no assistance or response from her doctors.  Dr. Griffith was a god send.  He helped my siblings, father and I navigate through my mom's rapid decline and eventual hospice.  Dr. Griffith was compassionate, caring, and COMMUNICATIVE.  He never forgot to call or answer my plethora of questions via email. Fast forward to today and my Dad retained Dr. Griffith as his own physician.  Dr. Dave has worked tirelessly with the VA to ensure my dad has everything he needs.  He is meticulous in his follow through and a terrific listener.  Dr. Griffith is truly interested in the whole person - physically, emotionally and spiritually. He wants the very best quality of life for his patients.  We feel blessed to have him on our "team."  Thanks Dr. Dave for everything you do for Dad!!!!!"

~ Robin Pearce, daughter of patient~

"When I moved my then 86 year old mother up to San Luis Obispo from Orange County where she had lived for more than 60 years I knew it would be a challenge for her to adjust. One of the best results of the move was being introduced to Dr. Griffith. Mom had been part of the Kaiser system and I wondered how she would feel with a more personal form of medicine. Under Dr. Griffith's attention and medical expertise the adjustment has been seamless. Dr. Griffith doesn't have a stopwatch defining how much time he spends each patient, it is whatever the patient needs. I know that I can reach him with questions and concerns whenever necessary. It is a rarity today to find a physician that has found a way to practice medicine remembering that he joined the profession because he enjoys the relationship with his patients. 

I recommend Dr. Griffith with no trepidation. He has my complete trust in caring for my mother's health."


~ Alexsandra Lopardo-Sopp, daughter of patient ~

"I am a patient of Dr. Richard David Griffith, MD. I’d like to review my relationship with “Dr. Dave,” a term I use with respect and admiration. He is a terrific doctor who is meeting a critical need in the medical care field. When I was a boy, it was common practice for doctors to make house calls. After WWII the close knit society of family and providers changed and we became a very mobile culture. Fast forward to today and we have an aging society with members unable to get around very well. Health and flexibility problems make a doctor’s office or hospital visit not very pleasant. The Covid pandemic has brought this problem clearly to the forefront. Before my wife of almost 70 years passed away during the pandemic, we managed pretty well even though our two daughters lived in the Chicago area and our son lived in San Diego. In an instant this all changed. What was I going to family near by and facing difficult decisions? It was more than a dilemma. I was in desperate need of a doctor who would make house calls. Then Dr. Dave came into our lives! He was a God Send! He is a competent, caring, practicing physician. The patient is ALWAYS first in his mind. He is smart, organized, reliable, and sociable. He is Manna from Heaven! I can’t recommend Dr. Dave highly enough!!"


~ Ron Pearce, patient ~

"Do you long for the 'good ‘ole days' when you needed a doctor and someone actually answered the phone number you called?  When did a doctor last call to ask how you were doing, genuinely considered your concerns and provided timely follow up and test results?  As they say, “you get what you pay for.” Paying for Dr. Griffith’s practice provides the care you long for.  His years as an ER doctor postures him as an excellent diagnostician.  His warm genuine personality combined with his quick action is who you want on your medical team. 

Dr. Griffith cared for my aging mother for three years, providing care in her home prior to her death.  He helped her die with dignity, always taking seriously her concerns and complaints.  Knowing he was a phone call away gave my mom such comfort.  He consistently involved the family in important choices relating to her care and ultimately made a timely hospice referral."

~ Jan Northington, daughter of patient ~

"Here in Cambria, CA we are fortunate to have a doctor who not only lives in our small town, but also takes new patients in and around this area.

I had the fortunate experience to meet and have him become my general practitioner, my ER doctor and dear friend approximately three years ago.  Me being a senior citizen he has the ability to stabilize my diabetes's, heart condition and strains and sprains when they have occurred.  He also has the ability to refer you to specialists should it become necessary.


Probably one of the best things about this doctor is that he makes house calls and for us elderly that really is a life saver, especially when you're not feeling well.  Unlike other doctors in the area, he charges a monthly rate for this wonderful service and is usually available to see or talk to you the same day or at the least the following day.  Because he lives close and has a wonderful bedside manner and a great personality, I'm sure you will find him not only to be a great doctor, but a good friend as well."

~ Irene R. Grosse, patient ~

"Dr. Griffith


As you know I’m not a patient of yours but I feel you provide the understanding to me that you provide for your clients. You’ve been taking care of my Aunt for years and the one on one home visits are vital to the health of my Aunt. You provide consultative care that is extremely unique in the medical profession. The dedicated house calls you make to patients who are unable to drive is  invaluable. I also feel thankful that my being 3,000 miles away in VA, you always have time to return my calls or texts, keep me informed of any changes in my aunts health and view your patients as family not profit centers. Your interaction and understanding manner in the way you provide care to your patients is beyond reassuring not only to my Aunt but her extended family on the opposite coast. I could not recommend any other doctor who’s professionalism, honesty, caring manner and sincerity come close to you. My family and I feel blessed being part of your practice and appreciate the medical care , flexibility and experience you bring to your patients in Cambria.


Best of luck Dr. Griffith in your new endeavor, I have no doubt any one you are responsible for will feel exactly as I do, thankful and confident in the care you provide. You are welcome to use this testimony as a means of verifying the quality of care and compassion you give to all your patients."


~ Doug Grosse, Director of Sales – Southern US Lantech ~

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