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Your partner in health, advocating for you and your family.

About Dr. Griffith

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I am a board-certified Emergency Medicine doctor who lives in Cambria. 

I am a graduate of UCSF Medical School.  I've worked over a decade in the Emergency Rooms of French, Arroyo Grande and Marian Hospitals.  I now have a small private medical practice dedicated to giving caring , one on one attention to Seniors in their place of residence. 

My Practice

My medical practice consists primarily of home-visits or facility-visits.  I do not maintain a typical clinic, although I can see patients in my home-office in Cambria if need be.  Most of my patients are considered “home bound” and as such, insurance allows me to make home visits.  In those cases, I come and care for my patients where they live, be it a private residence or a group living facility.


My goal is to make things easier for my patients by arranging for in-home testing and treatment when possible.  If outside testing, treatment or referral is necessary, I strive to make it as easy and convenient as posssible.  I advocate strongly for my patients needs and wishes at all times.

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